My beginnings were humble.  Raised by a single mother, my mother cooked and baked daily.  During the holidays, there was a constant hustle and bustle of neighbors placing orders for baked goods and homemade rolls.  Although my mother’s cooking and baking items were in high demand, I had no desire to be in the kitchen. ​

It wasn’t until I got married and had three beautiful children that I learned how to cook.  Thank God I was blessed with a husband who could cook and didn’t mind teaching me. I realized later my new cooking skills were more for his benefit than mine!  Of course with anything, the more you do the better you become.  As time went on, I learned how to cook much better than my husband. But he will deny I’m the better cook. To keep the peace, I let him think he’s right.  Shhh! That’s our little secret.


About Simply Sweets

A lil sweetness goes a long way!


I began to develop a passion for serving my family in the kitchen. But as time went on, my meals weren’t enough for them.  After every meal, my husband was hoping for something sweet.  A meal wasn’t a meal without a dessert to follow.  Needless to say, I began my baking journey.  Many of my desserts are the same delicious family recipes my mother prepared for people many years ago. Baking became a love and passion.  Soon I found myself in my Mother’s shoes as friends began placing orders during the holidays and for special events. All my sweets are prepared with lots of love and attention that can be tasted in every bite. 

In December of 2015, I stepped out on faith and began incorporating candy with my baked goods and opened the first Simply Sweets Candy Shoppe in the beautiful Garden City of Orangeburg, South Carolina. Simply Sweets provides the nostalgic candy to bring back childhood memories and current popular brands for every kid to enjoy.  With the addition of my special homemade desserts Simply Sweets gives a unique concept of offering a variety of the best sweets in town.  That saying is true; a little sweetness goes a long way.  

So if you are a resident of Orangeburg, or simply passing through, stop by our Shoppe. We would love to cater to your sweet side.  Simply Sweets Candy Shoppe caters to the “kid” in all of us. It’s a moment to step away and allow every grown up to just be a kid again.  I look forward to seeing you and developing new memories on us.  Simply Amazing!  It’s Simply Sweets!

And that’s my story…